Paul Bloch

President & Co-founder

Paul Bloch co-founded DataDirect Networks, and brings over twenty five years of experience in starting, growing and successfully managing technology businesses, including serving as the President of DataDirect Networks, Inc, Personal Writer, Inc., and MegaDrive Systems, Inc.

Previously, Mr. Bloch enjoyed a successful tenure as a director for Hi-Tech Consulting Group, a European management consulting firm based in the United States. Mr. Bloch graduated with an Engineering degree from National Superior School of Telecommunications (ENST) in France and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


truebit Truth in IT talks to President and Co-Founder Paul Bloch
DDN President Paul Bloch shares insights about the past, present and future of DDN, including our success in 2014 and why more and more customers are adopting DDN’s high-performance, end-to-end data management solutions to solve their large-scale data problems.