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Serial Number: The Serial Number is an alphanumeric string.

On the SFA12K series the serial number can also be found in two places: On the top of the unit and on the back of the unit (See Figure B).

On the SFA7700 series appliance, the serial number is located on the top of the unit and on the side of the unit (See Figure C).

Controller ID: ?The controller ID is an eighteen character hexadecimal string of the form 0x0000000000000000. To retrieve the controller ID, type the following command into the S2A6620's, the SFA12K series' or the SFA7700 series' command line:

show controller * all 
Find the Primary controller entry. The Controller ID is directly below.

Output Example:

Crash Dump Enabled:       TRUE
Log Disk Enabled:       TRUE
RP Count:       0x1
Restart Pending:       FALSE
Name:       B
Controller:       LOCAL (PRIMARY)
Controller ID:       0x0015b2a10ea80000
MIR Reason:       None

Licenses are sixteen alphanumeric characters separated by three dashes (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX). They are shipped with your product documentation (See example in Figure D). Please contact DDN Support at 888-634-2374 to request a license.

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