The DDN and Google Cloud Platform Partnership for Performance Cloud

DDN is known as the leader in scalable storage for AI, analytics and HPC. In partnering with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we have worked on ways to optimize their flexible infrastructure to support data-intensive workloads. Using the power of parallelism, we make everything from getting data to the cloud to maximizing compute resources and controlling costs for scalable workloads easier.

Eliminate Data Management Silos

Gain control of your data and drive insights when you scale, manage, and modernize your infrastructure by implementing DDN EXAScaler Cloud on GCP. Utilize the freedom to mix public cloud and on-premises resources for maximum flexibility. This unique deployment allows orchestrated data movement to ensure maximum performance with the stability and reliability of a familiar tool set.

Maximize Your Cloud Resources

The higher cost per CPU hour of cloud deployments vs on premises accentuates the need to get more application output from your cloud GPU or CPU instances. Optimize your cloud operating environment to thrive in dynamic times. DDN EXAScaler Cloud on GCP is fully focused on maximum resource utilization, delivering the fastest public cloud file system.

Performance at Scale

Running AI and Analytics workloads in the public cloud is now a reality. DDN EXAScaler Cloud on GCP uses parallel performance to get your data to the cloud faster and then accelerates once there to unlock more value. This scalable, cloud-native service provides security, reliability, and global replication. Whatever the data size, or user location, start small and grow with your business with DDN EXAScaler Cloud on GCP.