DDN AI Optimized Storage Appliance Combined with NextSilicon New Accelerator Chip Delivers Highest Speed RDMA Performance Over Both Infiniband and Ethernet Networks

DENVER (SC23, Booth #1335) – Nov. 13, 2023DDN®, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multi-cloud data management solutions, and NextSilicon, a Tel-Aviv-based company specializing in next-generation computing, announced an optimized end-to-end compute to network to storage solution which optimizes data center I/O performance for today’s complex and demanding workflows .

“At NextSilicon we believe that technology will allow humanity to break boundaries, not set them,” said Elad Raz, founder and CEO, NextSilicon. “We are thrilled to have a trusted storage technology partner such as DDN alongside us to deliver an optimized and flexible data path that will allow our customers to continue their work around ground-breaking scientific progress, free from the constraints of existing technology.”

The combined DDN and NextSilicon solution achieves significant performance increase by connecting DDN’s AI400NVX2 Storage appliance simultaneously and directly to high-speed InifiniBand and Ethernet networks. NextSilicon is making its debut of the next-generation Maverick processor at SC23, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver in booth #863. Using RDMA on both the DDN side and NextSilicon side, system CPU bottlenecks are bypassed and data is passed directly from the DDN storage to the accelerated NextSilicon processing unit.

“As AI and HPC workloads require more and more processor resources, ensuring that the data path is free from bottlenecks is key to making application acceleration possible,” said Kurt Kuckein, vice president of marketing, DDN. “This joint DDN and NextSilicon testing demonstrates the significant end-to-end I/O optimizations we have made for most data-intensive workloads, enabling data scientists and researchers to achieve better results and faster time to insight and innovation. DDN remains at the forefront of AI and High Performance Computing.”

About DDN

DDN is a leading global provider of data storage and data management solutions at scale. We accelerate AI and High Performance Computing workflows and applications in data centers, private and public clouds, and at the edge. Thanks to our technology, over 11,000 customers realize significant efficiencies in their GPU and CPU compute farms, substantially reducing their data center power consumption and footprint. Utilizing highly optimized flash technology and AI-enabled software, our products power some of the largest and most demanding customers in the world in fields such as autonomous driving, AI chatbots, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, energy, government, public sector, and research institutions, as well as generative AI and data analytics applications. Explore our offerings further at.

About NextSilicon

NextSilicon is a deep tech startup focused on developing next generation compute for the HPC market. The company is pioneering intelligent software algorithms that dynamically reconfigure NextSilicon’s hardware, optimizing performance based on runtime telemetry. NextSilicon is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with additional sites in Europe and the US. To discover more about NextSilicon’s groundbreaking innovations, visit


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