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Unified Flash Storage For Midrange AI And Business Applications

IntelliFlash systems from DDN and Tintri combine the performance and attractive economics for full-service intelligent storage infrastructure that autonomously optimizes SSD-to-HDD ratios and delivers scalable performance.

DDN Intelliflash


Advancing Intelligent Infrastructure

Consolidate workloads with concurrent multiprotocol support for block, file and object storage, and VMs on a single system.

These systems also enhance cost-efficiency with data reduction technologies, near-instant backups and robust disaster protection, and powerful analytics software for faster data insights.

IntelliFlash Advantages

Deliver Certainty for Your Applications

Consistent, low latency and market leading IOPS performance.

Global Insights Make Troubleshooting Instantaneous

Cloud-based analytics maximize uptime and efficiency on systems worldwide.

Agility to Adapt to Dynamic Needs

As your business changes, IntelliFlash adapts alongside you.

Optimize Operations In Real-Time

Simplify storage administration so you can focus on adding value to your business.

Analytics for IntelliFlash enables you to quickly monitor the health, performance, and usage to detect problems before they occur and anticipate future requirements.

IntelliFlash Analytics Tech Brief

Consistent Performance For Structured AI Data

Solutions such as DDN A³I addresses unstructured data management and the data-intensive nature of those applications.

Call and transaction records, consumer behavior, and other structured data types also benefit from high performance and scalable architectures. IntelliFlash is designed to deliver low-latency NVMe performance, while also optimizing capacity with deduplication, compression, and automated tiering to disk.

Learn more about the capabilities of IntelliFlash on the Tintri website.