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Leveraging over a decade of leadership in the highest end of Big Data, the GRIDScaler Parallel File system solution is designed to handle the diverse and dynamic demands of organizations looking to solve their Big Data challenges. GRIDScaler can scale diagonally to any performance and capacity limit by leveraging both scale-out and scale-up concepts. GRIDScaler’s inherent flexibility allows organizations to build a solution to fit their budget without getting shoehorned into a rigid configuration.

DDN GRIDScaler provides flexible choices for Enterprise-grade data protection, availability features, and the performance of a parallel file system coupled with DDN’s deep expertise and history of supporting highly efficient, large-scale deployments. GRIDScaler offers ease of access through traditional NFS or CIFS as well as the option for high performance client access through the PFS client.

Enterprise class features like DirectProtect, DDN Insight, hierarchical storage management and Cloud extensions enable tiering to tier to a public cloud ensure the highest levels of reliability, minimize total cost of ownership and simplify geo-distribution of data for global organizations. Combined with the ability to scale out to dozens or even hundreds of petabytes while sustaining high mixed IO performance, GRIDScaler delivers complete data protection, data security and data management options to supplement a powerful file storage solution. With scalable data and metadata technology, the GRIDScaler solution eliminates all bottlenecks to achieve true parallelism and maximize application performance.




Spectrum Scale Express, Standard or Advanced Editions

Scale-Out and Scale-Up

Integrated Tiering: SSD storage; persistent disk storage; object storage (onsite or off site)

Data Management and Protection: Snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous replication, asynchronous
error diagnosis while affected I/O operations continue

Data Security: Native encryption; secure erase

Integrated Data Analytics: Hadoop connector

Cloud Connectivity (GS Gateway): OpenStack connector; higher performance migration to WOS; integrated single namespace tiering to on premise and off site for collaboration

Flexible Access

The Benefits of Traditional Scale Out NAS, Now With Performance for Data-Intensive Enterprise

Eliminates Traditional NAS Bottlenecks (SMB, NFS) with high-speed parallel client connectivity – up to 6 GB/s per client and optional Burst Buffer.

Open Architecture means faster availability of new technology – EDR InfiniBand, Omni-Connect, NVMe SSDs – and simpler integration with new software tools such as OpenStack SWIFT and Hadoop.

Eliminates sprawl with the industry’s highest capacity per rack. By consolidating multiple data types for ease of access, the GS14KX eliminates storage and data silos while reducing management cost, complexity and data risk.

Simplifies management by presenting a single, unified data view to users, administrators and applications across over any tier of storage including high performance, active archive, tape and cloud.

Decouples performance and capacity for complete cost control, better support and lower TCO through its ability to scale up or out. It ingests data at scale, reliably, with room to grow with inputs.

Hyperconverged Design

DDN’s more flexible architecture also means you take immediate advantage of new technologies, techniques and frameworks – NVM, EDR IB, 100 GbE, Big Data Analytics, Data Lakes – and even repurpose hardware or change file systems as needed.


image for GS14K

Industry-Leading Performance & Scale


DDN GRIDScaler parallel file system appliances combine the accessibility of network data protocols with the industry’s fastest and densest embedded storage solutions for 10-30x higher performance and 2-6x higher capacity per datacenter rack U.


Scale-Out and Scale-Up

Add capacity and performance independently with the industry’s densest NAS to reduce sprawl, simplify management and control cost – up to 30x the performance and 3x the density of traditional Enterprise Scale Out NAS

SSD & Flash Acceleration

All SSD, or SSD-Accelerated Metadata, SSD-Acceleration for Specific Application(s)

  • ReACT Caching optimizes performance for small and mixed IO workloads coalescing malformed writes in cache so only well-formed IO goes to spinning media
  • Storage Fusion Xcelerator® (SFX) Cache Acceleration extends ReACT capabilities to tier(s) of SSD, pinning data or metadata, or dynamically warming cache based on file system or application hinting

Integrated Software Stack

Integrated Appliance with single view for installation, configuration and administration. Performance-optimized and extensively tested.

  • Spectrum Scale Express, Standard or Advanced Editions
  • SFAOS/Spectrum Scale Integrated, installation, configuration and management tools

Integrated Tiering

Automatically tier data across SSD, HDD and Tape; across Performance, Active Archive, Deep Archive, Collaboration Cloud, Content Distribution Network

Data Management and Protection

Snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous replication, asynchronous, error diagnosis while affected I/O operations continue and compression, protect file system performance with QoS

Cloud Connectivity

OpenStack Swift, S3; higher performance migration to WOS; integrated single namespace tiering to on premise and off site for collaboration

Integrated Data Analytics

Hadoop connector support

Multi-Protocol Support

NFS, SMB, OpenStack Swift, S3

Data Security

Native encryption; secure erase, WORM


GRIDScaler® Configurations & Specifications

GRIDScaler is factory built-to-order parallel file system and NAS system that arrives to your data center, tuned, optimized and ready to deploy. Below you will find more information on the components that make-up the solution and allow for flexibility in configuration. Our team of Sales Engineers and Solution Architects will work with you to create the exact configuration that meets your environment’s unique performance, capacity and business requirements.

GS200NV™ and GS400NV™

  • 100% NVMe storage with multiple high-speed connectivity options
  • Sequential read performance up to 48GB/s
  • Sequential write performance up to 25GB/s
  • Up to 3M IOPs per appliance



  • Sequential read performance up to 24GB/s
  • Sequential write performance up to 20GB/s
  • Up to 700,000 IOPs per appliance



  • Easy to deploy server-less, embedded Spectrum Scale Parallel File System Appliance
  • Performance for mixed workloads: Up to 90GB/s per Appliance
  • Starts under 100TB, scales to 12PB per Rack
  • Multiple systems support over 1TB/s and dozens of Petabytes



  • Easy to deploy server-less, embedded Spectrum Scale Parallel File System Appliance
  • Performance for mixed workloads: Up to 50GB/s per Appliance
  • Starts under 100TB, scales to 9PB per Rack
  • Multiple systems support over 1TB/s & dozens of Petabytes



  • A powerful Parallel File System in a flexible configuration of 1U server

Technical Specifications

Protocols NFS v3, CIFS SMB 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1, Linux and Windows Parallel FS Clients
Metadata All GRIDScaler appliances feature distributed metadata
FileServers Per Base Enclosure All GRIDScaler appliances feature 4 NSDs
Supported Raid Levels RAID 1/5/6
Data Protection Up to 256 Snapshots per Volume – policy driven, Snapshot Rollback, DirectProtect & DirectProtect+, Online & Automatic Storage Rebalancing, High Speed Defragmentation
Replication Synchronous Data and Metadata, Asynchronous using WOS
Capacity Optimization Policy-Driven Background File Compression
Data and System Management Quotas (users, groups, file sets), Optional DDN Insight centralized configuration and monitoring solution, Optimized backup, Multi-site data sharing and disaster recovery, Hybrid cloud storage capability
Custom Configurations Custom configurations of GRIDScaler, including configurations with external NSDs are available