NVMe Storage


DDN Storage Fusion Architecture® (SFA®) appliances are purpose-built to deliver scalable flash performance and capacity to flexibly meet your changing business demands. The SFA NVMe platforms deliver 100% NVMe storage with multiple high-speed connectivity options. At up to 48GB/s, the 2U SFA NVMe platforms are the fastest storage solutions in the industry and are able to deliver up to 24 NVMe SSDs in a minimum form factor. This extreme level of performance density makes the SFA NVMe platforms ideal for data centers with limited space and requiring rock-solid high-performance flash in a scale-out architecture. Start with a single enclosure and scale limitlessly to meet file system or block requirements.

Common Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning
Content Distribution
High IOPs Telemetry

Unmatched Performance

Sequential read performance up to 48GB/s
Sequential write performance up to 25GB/s
Up to 3M IOPs per appliance

Blinding Performance that Scales on Demand

Whether you are accelerating an analytics workload, reducing latencies for tough NoSQL databases, or beginning a Deep Learning project with modest training sets, the SFA NVMe platforms are ideal as a cost-effective building blocks. Designed to get you the most out of your investment, the internal 192 lane PCIe Gen 3 fabric extracts the most performance from flash, enabling new bandwidth and IOPs use cases.

Small, Yet Powerful Flexibility

SFA NVMe platforms are available as block storage appliances and integrated high-performance file appliances. DDN’s EXAScaler® and GRIDScaler® file systems enable the SFA NVMe storage building block model to scale-out the parallel file name space with maximal efficiency. Built, deployed, and supported by the experts in data intensive workloads, these appliances deliver the ultimate application and workload performance by fusing the advantages of DDN’s SFAOS with industry leading parallel file systems.