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High-Performance Storage for AI

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Simple Artificial Intelligence Storage At Any Scale

It is fair to say that not all data storage is created equal.

Storage for AI requires an infrastructure that is built to accommodate AI workflows. A data center designed with these unique needs in mind provides faster data processing, greater throughput, and quicker time to insight.

Data storage systems that are not designed for the complexities of AI workflows can impair time to insights and become a costly mistake. Getting into production is virtually impossible when commodity storage is paired with high performance applications, this causes:

Impaired Insights

Complex Deployment

Decentralized Data Governance

Latency and Restricted Throughput

Choosing the Right AI Storage Infrastructure for Enterprises

Achieve best cost efficiency and scalability with storage for AI workflows.

Accelerate Performance & Insights for AI

DDN, the overall market leader in AI and HPC at scale, provides storage for AI that delivers rapid time to insights without compromising on costs and performance.

  • Simplified & Accelerated Deployment: Providing faster time to insights and to market with proven reference architectures
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Control and visibility of storage workloads and end-to-end data paths
  • Comprehensive Insights and Data Availability: Unlocks efficiency for faster time to results
  • Superior Scalability: Delivering cost savings
  • Unmatched Performance: Up to 10x faster throughput enables applications to run checkpoints faster.
Manuvir Das, Head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA


NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence Storage

Maximize Performance and Insights with Storage for AI

I have a very simple statement for you; NVIDIA uses DDN.

~ Manuvir Das | Head of Enterprise Computing | NVIDIA



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