End of Life Notices

Recent Notices

EOL WOS S3-Swift Embedded Solutions
EOL WOS9660 2017-05-30
EOL Certain Read Intensive SSDs And Mixed Use NVMe SSDs 2017-05-30
EOL Certain InfiniBand And Ethernet Switches 2017-05-30
EOL Certain Haswell-Based Servers And Server Options 2017-05-30
EOL Certain 8Gbps FibreChannel Switches 2017-05-30
EOL WOS Bridge Software And Associated SKUs 2017-07-31
EOL SS7K-SBOD And FRUs 2017-07-31
EOL Certain Mixed Use SSDs 2017-07-31
EOL Certain 48 Port 10GbE Switches 2017-07-31
EOL Certain 8TB NL SAS Drives 2017-07-31
EOL SFA12KX Appliances SFA12K Features And FRUs 2017-05-30
EOL First Gen SFA14K 2016-11-30
EOL Haswell DirectMon Server 2016-05-30
EOL Certain DirectMon Server Bundles 12-31-2015
EOL 4-3-2TB 6Gbps HDDs 12-11-2015
EOL Toshiba PM2 SSD 12Gbps 10-30-2015
EOL Ivybridge-Based Servers 2015-07-31
EOL SFA7700 And Bundles 2015-05-31
EOL 600 And 1200 GB 10K RPM SAS Drives 2015-05-31
EOL 6TB 6Gbps 7200 RPM SAS Drives 2015-05-31
EOL SFA12K20 Family 2015-03-31
EOL SFA12K20-E Family 2015-03-31
EOL EF3015 Family
EOL Certain Fibre Channel Switches 2014-11-10
EOL Certain Ethernet Switches 2014-11-10
SFA12K40 Appliances Bundles And Spares
Certain EF3015 Bundles
Certain GRIDScaler Server Licenses
SS7000 600GB 15K SAS Drive
SFA10K Family
S2A9900 Product Family
hScaler Product, Support and Services
Certain 3TB SATA Drives
S2A6620 Block Storage Appliance
Certain 2TB and 3TB Gen 1 SAS Disk Drives
Entire NAS Scaler Family
Single Port QDR IB HBAs
Certain EF3015 SSD Bundles
xSTREAMScaler Product Family
Certain EXAScaler Support SKUs
SFA12K FC08 Appliances and Bundles
Certain 12K20E EXAScaler and GRIDScaler Bundles
SFA12K Upgrades SKUs
Certain RHEL Support Subscriptions SKUs
Drive EOL Amendment
Various SAS, SATA, and SSD Drives
DDN Enterprise Class Solid State Drives with SAS 3 and 6 Gbps Interface
Brocade 320 Switch Family
1.2TB SAS Disk Drives
1, 2, 3 and 4TB SATA Disk Drives
HS5100 Trunking Option



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