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“The rapid growth in unstructured data, which is growing at 60% to 80% year over year, and the need to store and retrieve it in a cost-effective, automated manner will drive the growth of new storage technologies.”



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“Big Data has long been an important part of the HPC market, but recent technology advances have given data-intensive computing much higher potential as a horizontal market.

“If any company is well poised to take on the challenges of exascale computing and big data, it’s DDN, since this is its heritage.”

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DDN supplies the world’s most data-intensive markets with storage infrastructure for web-scale and high-performance computing.

Learn how our customers leverage DDN technology to enable workflow acceleration, faster time to insight & worldwide collaboration.
World Leading Product Portfolio for
Big Computing
DDN has invested over $150M in engineering a tightly coupled collection of scale-out storage platforms that are designed
with an exacting focus on performance, efficiency and ease-of-use at scale.
Storage Fusion Architecture™
DDN’s award-winning block and file storage system provides industry-leading levels of storage performance and density.
Web Object Scaler®
This award-winning object storage system breaks through scalability barriers of file storage and enables organizations to build scalable, distributed storage clouds.
Infinite Memory Engine™
IME is designed to harness the power of server-local flash and NVRAM while featuring advanced algorithms have demonstrated file systems acceleration by up to 2,000x.
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Learn how our 1000+ world-leading customers conquer their data storage challenges
DDN operates directly in 20 countries worldwide.
Our customers are distributed across more than 50 countries across all major continents.

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