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Our customers include the world’s most data-intensive organizations and Enterprises, with use cases ranging from online content and social networking, high performance cloud and grid computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, life sciences, media production, security and intelligence.

Discover how Black Oak Casino hits the jackpot with gamechanging reliability and speed from DDN.

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Discover how the ICR is leveraging powerful and efficient storage that enables researchers and clinicians to take cancer research and treatment to the next level.

MLB partnered with DDN for concurrent access to content while accelerating digital content management that scales to hundreds of petabytes.

Recursion is creating a broader, faster, more efficient drug discovery pipeline using DDN’s flexible, high-performance storage.

World’s most advanced AI system, ranked as the fastest industrial system in the world, drives AI at-scale discovery, development and deployment breakthroughs.

Tohoku University Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization leverages DDN for providing shared computational resources to researchers and research organizations.

Van Andel Research Institute selected DDN to address exponential storage growth and active archive requirements for research and instrument data.


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