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What Are Important Considerations When Selecting Performance Storage?

Wei Guo from St. Jude's hospital explains his considerations when selecting performance storage.


Our customers include the world’s most data-intensive organizations and Enterprises, with use cases ranging from online content and social networking, high performance cloud and grid computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, life sciences, media production, security and intelligence.

Black Oak Casino

Discover how Black Oak Casino hits the jackpot with gamechanging reliability and speed from DDN.

Recursion Logo

Recursion is creating a broader, faster, more efficient drug discovery pipeline using DDN’s flexible, high-performance storage.


World’s most advanced AI system, ranked as the fastest industrial system in the world, drives AI at-scale discovery, development and deployment breakthroughs.

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Bytesnet delivers customized and differentiated storage and compute solutions for data-intensive and security-conscious customers with DDN.

DDN’s scale-out, parallel architecture delivers the
performance we need to keep stride with the rapid
pace of science research and discovery at Harvard.
There is no contention for resources and no complaints
from our users, which empowers us to focus on the research.

~ Scott Yockel, PhD | Director of Research Computing

Harvard University



Harvard University

DDN delivered a 900% improvement in read capability
at a low cost while enabling us to access millions of small
fileson dedicated solid-state modules while continuing
to stream very large data files simultaneously. Simple data
queries that used to take two minutes now take two seconds.​

~ Mike Shuey​ | Research Infrastructure Architecture​

Purdue University​​



Purdue University

“We’ll save hundreds of thousands of dollars by centralizing
storage on DDN for data-intensive research and a dozen
data-hungry scientific instruments. We can elevate the
standard of protection, increase compliance and push
the boundaries of science on a single yet highly scalable
storage platform. That’s why DDN is core to our operation
and a major asset to our scientists.​

~ Zachary Ramjan​ | Computing Architect

Van Andel Research Institute​



Van Andel Research Institute

With DDN’s expertise in AI storage, NAVER
will continue to lead AI research and develop
products that create value for our users.






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