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DDN and NVIDIA collaborate to solve the world’s greatest challenges with end-to-end supercomputing solutions by providing world-class AI solutions for enterprise customers.
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DDN Collaborates with UF & NVIDIA to Create the World's Fastest Academic Supercomputer: HiPerGator 3.0 ​
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DDN QLC maximizes productivity for quantitative analysts, encouraging independent operation with parallel processing​
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Empowering researchers with easy access to the sophisticated technology needed for advancements in molecular biology.
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Helmholtz Munich consolidates research data and accelerates AI-driven discoveries with DDN EXAScaler to deliver concrete benefits to society and human health.
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Finding a nano-scale needle in a peta-scale haystack with "Virtual Inspector" to quickly detect anomalies in the chip manufacturing process​
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What DDN Customers Have To Say

Marc Hamilton
The real differentiator is DDN. I never hesitate to recommend DDN. DDN is the de facto name for AI Storage in high performance environments.​
~ Marc Hamilton
VP, Solutions Architecture & Engineering
We have a history of success with DDN storage systems powering our HPC computing and anticipate similar high productivity for our AI workloads.
~ Erik Deumens
Director of Information Technology
University of Florida
DDN QLC systems are a really important part of that environment to get IO to our researchers as quickly as possible.​
~ Alex Davies​
Chief Technology Officer​
Jump Trading​
For an academic medical center, it’s definitely a privilege to have this level of technology development, fully integrated with the biomedical research.
~ Professor Gaudenz Danuser
Professor & Chair, Lyda Hill Dept. of Bioinformatics
University of Texas Southwestern
Because we pre-emptively set up high-performance DDN systems, Helmholtz Munich was well-equipped to manage and quickly access the massive data sets generated by this new wave of AI applications.
~ Dr Alf Wachsmann
Head of DigIT Infrastructure & Scientific Computing
Helmholtz Munich
We have limited access to our system so we really needed something that was a single platform that would scale with ease.​
~ Krishna Muriki
HPC Systems Design & HPC Architect

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