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Empowering Research With Easy Access to Infrastructure Required to Tackle Most Pressing Life Science Questions

BioHPC, within Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics, supports research at the University of Texas Southwestern to give researchers easy access to the sophisticated technology needed for advancements in molecular biology.

The research being done at UTSouthwestern will eventually lead to better treatments of human health – everything from cancer and neurodegenerative diseases to viral infections. With a powerful Cryo-Electron Microscope researchers are able to quickly create three dimensional structures that can be utilized by machine learning to recognize patterns and lead to faster discovery. The BioHPC department has orchestrated fast storage, fast compute and fast networking to provide researchers with an accessible infrastructure that is as easy to use as an online share drive.

University of Texas Southwestern Empowers Breakthrough Research with DDN Storage

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The BioHPC group brings together a large group of mathematicians and computer scientists who work on various aspects of data science and pattern recognition in biomedical data. These pattern recognition problems are heavily data-driven and require very large data sets, making it critical to have the data storage and data processing completely integrated.


  • A 150PB integrated storage system
  • Multiple 200Gb infiniband and 40Gb ethernet links
  • 82 Object Storage Targets


  • Easy to access storage for 1500 users
  • Immediately visible results of the investment
  • Technology that is fully integrated with the biomedical research
For an academic medical center, it’s definitely a privilege to have this level of technology development, fully integrated with the biomedical research.
~ Professor Gaudenz Danuser
Professor & Chair, Lyda Hill Dept. of Bioinformatics
University of Texas Southwestern
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