Academic Research

Academic Research

Breakthrough Research Accelerated

In Academic Research, breakthrough results can revolutionize a field, build careers and accelerate institutional funding. In genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, fluid dynamics, marine science, particle physics and other data-intensive fields, faster access to ever larger data sets is crucial to meaningful research.  Generating, accessing, curating and publishing data sets and results in the face of massive data growth requires increasingly sophisticated IT infrastructure.

For 20 years, DDN has been the HPC Storage Leader delivering complete campus-wide, departmental and cloud storage solutions to hundreds of Universities around the world.

  • DDN Powers over 2/3 of the world’s fastest supercomputing environments
  • Only DDN provides complete, end to end solutions across performance, archive and cloud
  • Universities around the world partner with DDN to build HPC infrastructure, storage condos and research clouds

See how Tokyo Technical Institute is building secure, academic research clouds for increased collaboration.




  • DDN powers over 60% of the Top100 fastest supercomputers, many of which reside inside the world’s most prominent academic research institutions.
  • DDN is a leader in the field of open source file systems, file/block storage appliances and cloud-based storage, and has brought a keen design eye toward such important issues as preserving data center physical space and controlling power consumption problems normally associated with Big Data applications in complex data centers.
  • DDN customers benefit by working with a supplier that combines sophisticated technology with an in-depth understanding of the diverse requirements in academic research.