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DDN’s PartnerLink program provides our approved partners with a strong foundation for commercial success. The program rewards our partners’ investment in DDN and provides a clear path to a highly profitable relationship.

At DDN, we recognize that partnership is a mutual commitment. That’s why we complement our award winning products with outstanding PartnerLink program benefits:

Partner Training Program

Fast track onboarding for new partners

Continuous training updates for existing partners

Lead Generation

Accrual-based fund for existing partners

Deal Registration1

Exclusivity and protection for Registered Deals

Partner of the Year Award 2

Recognizing and rewarding outstanding partnership

The massive growth in digital data, and our increasing ability to extract value from it, is changing our world. DDN’s had developed an innovative comprehensive product portfolio for Big Data applications which are optimized for the world’s most data-intensive environments. Our technology enables companies to accelerate time to results, scale simply as data sets continue to grow, and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. While our customers do not all operate at the same scale – they all share in common the need to easily manage Big Data pools with minimum administrative impact and maximum datacenter efficiency.

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1 Conditions apply

2 Requirements/Qualification: Entered via nomination, Entered via revenue achievement, Entered via number of net new logos won.

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