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DDN Storage Fusion Architecture┬« appliances are purpose-built to deliver scalable performance and capacity to address your toughest data management challenges. The SFA7990™ Hybrid Flash Storage Platform is designed to grow with the needs of your accelerating business requirements and provides flexibility without compromise. Select the optimal blend of price, performance and capacity, and the SFA7990 delivers, meeting the broadest range of workloads. The SFA7990 addresses the most intensive Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning application demands right through to supporting long-term retention of large volumes of infrequently accessed data.

Common Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning
Genomic Research

SFA7990 Product Image

Scale Out for Performance, Scale Up for Capacity

The SFA7990 is the ultimate platform for the consolidation of your storage needs. Designed in the flash era to fully exploit the performance of your SSDs with predictable low-latency performance, the SFA7990 delivers industry-leading innovation and data intensive capabilities for both block and file storage at scale. Start as small as a few terabytes and grow seamlessly to petabyte capacity to service the most demanding mixed-workload challenges.

Simple, Efficient, Integrated

The SFA7990E appliance delivers high performance parallel file systems in an integrated package. DDN parallel file system appliances provide a modular approach to building the most capable platforms for parallel file storage systems. Built, deployed and supported by the experts in data intensive workloads, these appliances are the gold standard for eliminating bottlenecks and maximizing application performance.