Maximum QLC Performance & Value for AI at Any Scale

The World's Best Combination of Flash Performance, Density & Energy Efficiency


Unleash the Full Potential of QLC for Enterprise AI

Now you can access the ideal blend of performance and value for all-flash capacity. DDN's breakthrough EXAScaler file system solutions combine QLC with advanced AI data compression technology for unmatched speed, cost-optimization and energy-efficiency.

You can directly unlock the performance of QLC drives without additional infrastructure components. Take advantage of this new architecture to overcome the inefficiencies of other QLC storage solutions.

10x faster writes, 10x faster performance/watt, 10x faster performance/RU than other QLC systems.

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DDN Has Now Resolved the Performance AND Endurance Challenges of Using QLC

DDN Virtualization Technology
Eliminates cables, switches and servers
Large Capacity QLC drives
Double Capacity per Watt
End-to-End Parallel Data Path
Doubles Performance per Watt
Workload Focused Performance Optimization
Speeds up Applications
100% Linear Scale Out SW
Removes Costly Silos

Recent improvements in QLC technology have increased drive endurance by up to 4X over previous generations.

Overcoming Tradeoffs

QLC (quad-level cell) flash drives offer greater storage capacity and density for better cost-efficiency than TLC (triple-level cell) flash drives - and even HDDs.

Higher capacities mean that QLC flash drives store more data per memory cell and also feature a greater number of charge levels. These factors ultimately decrease the number of P/E (program/erase) cycles – or write cycles – they can support compared to TLC drives. Historically, this has meant that QLC drives have a shorter lifespan than their TLC counterparts.


DDN EXAScaler further mitigates this issue by writing small IO-intensive metadata to TLC and sending larger file writes directly to QLC.

This architectural design offers three advantages:

Diminishes concerns around drive endurance by reducing write amplification
Unlocks performance by directly writing to and reading from QLC
Simplifies the architecture by avoiding an expensive tier (such as storage class memory) to cache data before writing to QLC
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Start with a single self-contained 2U QLC solution - and zero additional components. That means no backend network switches and cabling, no tiering or any of the complexity associated with other QLC-based solutions.
Want to Scale Up Fast and Efficicently?
Just add enclosures and grow QLC capacity to multiple petabytes in a single appliance without rearchitecting anything.
Need Scaling Capacity or Performance?
Just plug additional appliances directly into your network to add space and horsepower to your file system. Scale to hundreds of petabytes without performance degradation.

Eliminate Architectural Complexity

DDN offers the industry's only QLC solution that simplifies AI data management without compromising performance, cost-efficiency or scalability.

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10x Performance & 15x Capacity
You get 10x the performance of QLC scale-out file solutions and 15x the effective capacity, while cutting your data management footprint in half.


Simply Adding Flash is Not Enough to Meet Your AI Workload Demands

QLC-based distributed storage systems can provide a lower-cost, high-capacity solution, but they are inadequate for high-performance environments.

Some solutions use storage class memory as a first step for writes, then proceed to tier the data via a complex backend fabric with unwieldy switching and cabling. But even with additional storage class memory, QLC-based systems still can't meet the IOPs, write throughput and latency requirements for today's AI, machine learning and real-time applications.


DDN Breaks Down Performance Barriers

DDN eliminates the shortcomings of distributed storage with a more efficient design that uniquely combines the power of DDN's parallel file system with direct writes to QLC flash.

DDN's client-side compression also improves full stack efficiency and performance by uniquely trading network traffic for additional CPU cycles. Because less data is moved over the wire, the reduced network traffic reduces contention and increases application performance.

Performance at Scale for AI & Data Center Use Cases

Yes, AI is top of mind for most organizations, but additional applications and use cases are also driving the requirement for efficient, dependable performance that readily scales.

DDN's QLC and hybrid systems are purpose-built to deliver workload-specific performance optimization. You get twice the capacity and performance per watt to accommodate today's data-hungry workflows.

Get 13x More Performance

Compared to highly promoted complex NAS sytems

Photo Realistic 3D
Immersive Gaming Universes
Sophisticated Molecular Modeling
Autonomous Driving & Machinery
Generative Artificial Intelligence
Better Density & Footprint Utilization
Faster Performance
More Capacity Per Watt

Make the Most Intelligent Choice for AI

DDN's EXAScaler-based QLC and hybrid systems overcome distributed storage limitations, maximizing performance, density and energy-efficiency for AI and real-time applications.

DDN's QLC and hybrid systems are purpose-built to deliver workload-specific performance optimization. You get twice the capacity and performance per watt to accommodate today's data-hungry workflows.

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Better Density & Footprint Utilization

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