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Top Considerations for AI Decision Makers

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AI Decision-Makers Face Multiple Data Challenges

AI decision-makers require improved data storage visibility, mobility and performance

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The amount of data used for AI/ML processing continues to grow at a rapid rate

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AI/ML workload data is collected and generated in multiple venues, increasing the need for data mobility

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Performance enhancements are required in multiple dimensions

A unified view of data is essential

A unified data view allows organizations to see where data is distributed and where it needs to go for processing and long-term retention


Of respondents are willing to pay to have a unified view of data for AI/ML initiatives

How important is it to have a unified view of your entire data for your AI/ML initiatives?

Base: All respondents (n=687)

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Would pay a premium for a unified view


Of digital transformation leaders would pay a premium for it

Data volume increase is a top concern


Of digital transformation leaders are expecting an increase in the amount of data they use to train AI/ML models and the data used to make predictions. Only half (51%) of digital transformation laggards are expecting increases.

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Rapid data growth will only accelerate, increasing the need for storage scalability and proactive management capabilities to keep workloads in check.


Data related to AI/ML workloads is collected/generated in multiple venues


Of digital transformation leaders have AI/ML workload data in multiple venues.

Only 26%

Of digital transformation laggards have data in a single venue.

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AI decision-makers need to be able to manage data across multiple venues including core, edge and cloud environments.

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Active data sets must be quickly and transparently moved to the appropriate execution venue for rapid processing.

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As data becomes inactive, archiving to lower-cost storage can reduce costs for AI decision-makers.

Performance improvements are required in multiple areas

Which performance aspect of storage would your organization want to improve the most?

Base: All respondents (n=407)

DDN 451 Infographic
DDN 451 Infographic

Storage systems must provide performance across multiple dimensions to meet the needs of complex workloads such as AI/ML

Sources: 451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise: AI & Machine Learning, Infrastructure 2021; Storage, Transformation 2020

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