Finding AI and deep learning infrastructure to address the needs of performance intensive applications and scalable data science can appear complicated. AI holds so much promise, but that promise will remain unfulfilled if applications don’t scale to demand, especially when they reach production stages. Our A3I solutions are configured to be easy to design, deploy and scale, eliminating barriers to AI success.

As a leading AI infrastructure provider to financial services, healthcare, autonomous driving, and high-performance computing organizations, DDN wants to help our customers use their data and the power of AI to survive and thrive, even in the turbulent times we find ourselves today.

Today’s announcement of NVIDIA’s DGX™ A100 systems and DDN’s support in our A3I solutions is another step in that direction.  A3I combines DDN storage and data management, DGX A100 systems and Mellanox high speed networking in a rapid deployment package to deliver optimized compute and I/O.

DDN’s support of the DGX A100 is a continuation of our collaboration with NVIDIA to deliver best of breed infrastructure and optimized data paths.  Other work includes our ongoing support of the Magnum IO project and our strong technical ties to their recently acquired Mellanox networking technologies.

Our partnership extends to the NVIDIA data center itself, with DDN AI400X systems deployed with DGX A100-based SuperPOD.

A major key to effective AI and deep learning deployments is selecting infrastructure that has been proven to scale in production across multiple markets.  DDN is the recognized leader in data solutions at scale, with over 60% of the Top 100 systems in the world backed by DDN. A³I solutions package that experience in an enterprise ready configuration supported by reference architectures and deployment expertise

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  • Kurt Kuckein
  • Vice President, Marketing
  • Date: May 14, 2020

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