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Today’s enterprise IT executives face unprecedented challenges—managing data explosion, adopting evolving tech, and achieving more with smaller teams. Their task is being made even more challenging due to the emerging demand to turn diverse corporate data into a strategic investment for competitive advantage, while also addressing sustainability concerns tied to data center efficiency and energy consumption. DDN’s CTO and official member of Forbes Technology Council, Sven Oehme, recently contributed an article to Forbes, addressing this topic: The Role of Data Management Innovation In Data Center Efficiency.

The Current Landscape

Data centers consume around 3% of global electricity annually, with 55% powering hardware and over 40% dedicated to cooling. Data growth is outpacing energy-saving measures for traditional infrastructure, especially as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deep learning surge. Tackling this requires focusing on efficient data management to process, store, and move data with minimal energy, a pivotal step towards controlling costs and resource consumption.

Understanding Storage Performance’s Role in Accelerated Computing

Enterprise data center efficiency historically fixated on capacity and density for storage, sidelining performance as secondary metric for large datastores. To achieve the efficiency promise of accelerated computing with its specialized architectures like GPUs for parallel processing requires an integrated modern data management solution to fully optimize data paths, reducing energy-intensive wait times and boost computing efficiency. This translates to fewer systems for the same results, curbing both energy consumption and e-waste generation.

Charting the Path Forward

In the face of escalating data growth and environmental concerns, holistic data center efficiency becomes paramount. Embracing innovative data management is fundamental to achieving data center efficiency and sustainability from accelerated computing. By prioritizing performance alongside capacity optimization, businesses can lead the journey to a greener, more effective future, all while maintaining their competitive edge.

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