Protect Your Time and Money with DDN’s Parallel Storage

Saving microseconds directly translates into financial opportunity. Hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, and major banks are all benefiting from AI by optimizing operations, innovation, and unlocking more profit faster. But as with any reward, also comes potential risk. In this hyper-competitive industry, there is no room for missteps.

If it really comes down to microseconds, then speed is the name of the game. However, hardware with traditional enterprise application functionality was not designed to keep pace with the data-hungry, accelerated analytics and workflows of AI in financial services environments, which have been characterized by compromised architectures that siloed analytics, training, and inference workloads.

These initiatives can be mission-critical, as is the case with fraud prevention – if the system goes down, fraud can’t be detected promptly and introduces risk into the business. With DDN’s storage solutions, organizations can immediately boost AI application performance while eliminating the management complexity and poor performance that can stall AI programs. In addition, production proven reference architectures make the rollout of AI initiatives easier – and faster – so operational AI services can be implemented in weeks, not months or years.

Learn how our solutions improve risk management and boost smart trading while significantly reducing operating costs at STAC.  James Coomer, Sr. VP of Products at the Innovation roundup, and find out why your current NFS-based solution is limiting you, and how DDN’s EXAScaler leverages the power of parallelism to maximize returns on investment in compute resources. Accelerate your applications by an order of magnitude compared to traditional storage infrastructure and save on absolute dollars spent and on price performance.

Talk with our FSI experts about how we’ve created an optimized infrastructure to give financial institutions the most significant ROI for AI enabled-data centers. Protect Your Time and Money with DDN’s Parallel Storage!

Author: Michael Chazot, Sr. Director Commercial HPC FSI

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  • DDN Team
  • Date: November 2, 2021