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DDN SFA18KX Game Changing, Next Generation Storage

Game Changing, Next Generation Storage

For Data Intensive Environments


The World’s Fastest Block Storage with Embedded Application Option

At up to 3.2 million IOPs and 90GB/sec from a single 4U appliance, the SFA18KX™ is the fastest storage solution in the industry today.

SFA18KX delivers the highest density available

With the ability to drive an unmatched number of flash (NVMe and SAS) devices and spinning drives in the least amount of space.

Built with 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, this extreme level of density makes the SFA18KX ideal for data centers with limited space, or any high-performance environment wanting to be able to expand capacity without adding the complexity of many appliances to manage and the cost of powering and cooling a large number of controllers.


Converged hardware significantly reduces costs and complexity with a lower number of ports, cables, and network devices.


SFA18KX delivers unprecedented density per rack unit, per system and provides up to 13PB in a single rack


Scalable, declustered RAID provides superior rebuild times, higher data availability, and protection for new large format drives


  • 3.2 million IOPS, 90GB/s in 4U
  • Eliminates need to buy flash arrays to front your spinning disk
  • Highly-optimized Internal PCIe fabric and 12Gb back-end SAS fabrics ensure fast, low latency data access
  • Latest networking connectivity options for current environment support and future-proofing
  • Unique embedded application options for ease-of-management and lower latency

Hyper-Converged Platform Accelerates and Balances New Technology

The revolutionary SFA18KX is the highest performance block storage and hyper-converged platform in the industry today.

With an architecture that harnesses the power of the latest technologies, accelerates them with DDN high-performance software features and balances them to deliver the fastest performance with the lowest latency.

DDN Unique Software-Defined Capabilities Deliver Optimal Utilization

SFA Declustered RAID (DCR) significantly improves rebuild performance by increasing the pool of disks which participate in backing a redundancy group, allowing reading and writing to many times the RAID member count (eg 10 disks in 8+2).

DCR allows for the striping of data across a much larger set of physical disks than was previously available in traditional RAID and greatly increasing the parallelism of drive rebuilds. It is this parallel process that enables rebuilds to run much faster than traditional RAID. In addition to decreasing recovery times, DCR can also result in increased storage efficiency and higher IOPs performance.

Configurations Start Small and Scale on Demand

SFA18KX building blocks start in the hundreds of terabytes and scale to over 25 petabytes.

Select the building block size best suits your requirements profile across IOPs, streaming bandwidth, capacity and number of devices under management.

The SFA18KX performance and density enables a smaller solution footprint and with a lower controller-to-drive ratio, power and cooling efficiency are increased, while reducing administrative complexity and cost.

Up to 72 Drives

Up to 522 Drives

Up to 972 Drives

Up to 1,872 Drives