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Hyper-Simplified Operation Tames The Complexity of Distributed Data

One modern enterprise trend with no foreseeable end in sight is the exponential growth of data. Organizations across all industries are amassing vast data sets with increasingly complex data structures. The integration of data-hungry AI and real-time analytics is further accelerating growth, management complexity and the demand for more efficient data storage and retrieval.

Data scientists and analysts require fast, easy access to information for model development and analytics. Slow query responses and data silos hinder productivity and create innovation bottlenecks. Today’s enterprises seek storage solutions that can simplify data management, accelerate the processing of large structured and unstructured data sets, and reduce operational costs through automation and optimization.


The administration of distributed, unstructured data can be complex and time-consuming, requiring active management of data availability, performance and compliance

Simplest, Smartest Unified Storage Solution For Your Distributed Enterprise Data

DDN Infinia is an innovative data management platform that’s designed to manage all your distributed data with minimal effort and cost. Its unified multi-protocol architecture supports all your existing workloads and unstructured data without requiring additional software or hardware. Infinia tames the complexity of distributed data management while protecting the investments you’ve made in existing data and storage protocols. At the same time, you can eliminate the need for multiple storage systems by cost-effectively consolidating data onto a single highly scalable system with built-in secure multi-tenancy.

In addition, all the components you need for accelerated AI orchestration and governance can be combined into one powerful, optimized data platform. With Infinia you can house and coordinate data lakes, data warehouses, databases, object stores, file systems and data management software on a single scale-out data fabric.


DDN Infinia tames the complexity of distributed data management – and unstructured data. Its unified multi-protocol architecture supports your existing workloads, protects your investments and simplifies the way you share and manage your distributed data at scale.

Near-Zero Administrative Effort With Hands-Off Management

With DDN Infinia you can now eliminate time-consuming storage administration so your staff can focus on strategic activity and innovation. Infinia systems use advanced policy-driven management to intelligently optimize data placement, data protection and application performance for each tenant. No matter what data or application type you’re using, Infinia’s Adaptive IO Engine automatically analyzes IO patterns and size, then adjusts erasure coding and data placement algorithms in real time. The result is guaranteed quality of service (QoS) for each workload across all of your tenants with zero manual tuning and guesswork.

Infinia also offers you the industry’s strongest enterprise storage security framework for distributed data. Advanced security is built-in, so you can thwart DoS and ransomware attacks without additional security layers or components. Your tenants are automatically isolated, your data is encrypted at all levels and your data sets are immutable.


Infinia features an innovative software-defined architecture and intelligent, policy-based automation that masks infrastructure complexity, making it the easiest storage solution to deploy and manage – on-premises, in the cloud, at the edge or across them all.

Software-Defined Approach Eliminates Hardware Limitations & Complexity

DDN Infinia’s software-based architecture masks the complexity of hardware infrastructure and brings unmatched simplicity and agility to data management at multi-petabyte scale. It optimizes and supports orchestration for distributed environments, streamlining data coordination and movement across on-premises, cloud, and edge deployments.

There are no hardware dependencies or associated restrictions. You can deploy Infinia on your qualified hardware of choice, including performance-optimized appliances, or in containers or virtual machines. This flexible architectural approach, combined with self-service provisioning lets you rapidly accommodate changing business needs. You can build a secure storage cluster in minutes, scale to hundreds of petabytes dynamically and perform upgrades with zero downtime.


You can deploy a secure multi-tenant cluster and scale apps in minutes, and take advantage of hands-free storage allocation and zero downtime expansion and upgrades.

Optimizing Service Delivery For AI Workloads

DDN Infinia eliminates management silos, enabling you to easily view and optimize your global data assets. It begins with a central control plane that consolidates your visibility and management of tenants, whether they reside on-premises, in edge deployments or across multi-cloud hybrid environments. Comprehensive RESTful interfaces let you take advantage of open, scalable tools to orchestrate all data movement, reduce management costs and vastly simplify data governance.

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