Leveraging over a decade of leadership in the highest end of Big Data, the GRIDScaler Parallel File system solution is designed to handle the diverse and dynamic demands of organizations looking to solve their Big Data challenges. GRIDScaler can scale diagonally to any performance and capacity limit by leveraging both scale-out and scale-up concepts. GRIDScaler’s inherent flexibility allows organizations to build a solution to fit their budget without getting shoehorned into a rigid configuration.

DDN GRIDScaler’s implementation of IBM® Spectrum Scale™ provides flexible choices for Enterprise-grade data protection, availability features, and the performance of a parallel file system coupled with DDN’s deep expertise and history of supporting highly efficient, large-scale deployments. GRIDScaler offers ease of access through traditional NFS or CIFS as well as the option for high performance client access through the PFS client. DDN is the #1 reseller of Spectrum Scale solutions, delivering performance-demanding users the highest performing hardware. By leveraging a close working relationship with IBM, DDN provides the performance and capacity systems that help deliver Spectrum Scale into the most demanding environments.

Enterprise class features like DirectProtect, DirectMon®, hierarchical storage management and Cloud extensions enable tiering to tier to a public cloud ensure the highest levels of reliability, minimize total cost of ownership and simplify geo-distribution of data for global organizations. Combined with the ability to scale out to dozens or even hundreds of petabytes while sustaining high mixed IO performance, GRIDScaler delivers complete data protection, data security and data management options to supplement a powerful file storage solution. With scalable data and metadata technology, the GRIDScaler solution eliminates all bottlenecks to achieve true parallelism and maximize application performance.



Spectrum Scale Express, Standard or Advanced Editions

Scale-Out and Scale-Up

Integrated Tiering: Storage Fusion Xcelerator® (SFX) Cache Acceleration; SSD storage; persistent disk storage; object storage (onsite or off site)

Data Management and Protection: Snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous replication, asynchronous
error diagnosis while affected I/O operations continue

Data Security: Native encryption; secure erase

Integrated Data Analytics: Hadoop connector

Cloud Connectivity (GS Gateway): OpenStack connector; higher performance migration to WOS; integrated single namespace tiering to on premise and off site for collaboration

Flexible Access


Built upon the industry’s most flexible and scalable platform, GRIDScaler allows for seamless and simple expansion on demand.
TCO ChartEngineered to provide significant savings, GRIDScaler’s appliance-based approach allows you to build a solution based on your budget with optimized and predictable TCO. Through online provisioning, GRIDScaler enables you to shrink and grow file systems to suit your requirements and appropriately balance capacity as you add storage to spread data and remove bottlenecks.

Lower Storage Management Costs

  • Deploy and manage the fewest systems with the largest performance building block and capacity density
  • Industry’s most efficient use of flash with SFX Cache Management
  • Leading 80% storage efficiency at scale
  • Integrated HSM automatically migrates data to lower cost tiers
  • Ready to deploy, plugging seamlessly into existing infrastructure


Designed for extreme high performance and ultimate simplicity, GRIDScaler supports two ways to access data:

  1. GRIDScaler NAS Gateway: A flexible and fault tolerant CIFS/NFS gateway providing access to parallel file system data
  2. Intelligent parallel file system clients for Windows and Linux
    1. Designed for highly concurrent File/Directory access with massive parallelism
    2. Accelerate application performance by striping data across multiple enclosures and accessing them in parallel
    3. Read/Write in parallel – up to 4 GB/sec per client and scale out to tens of thousands of clients
    4. Automatically load balance across all resources
    5. Support for RDMA communication and large packets to optimize high performance networks

Flexible Access


Whether you need to store your data online, nearline, archive or backup, all of it is instantly accessible and managed from a single namespace.
Flexible Access

Supports a policy based Hierarchical Storage Manager for Information Lifecycle Management:

  • Build tiers of SSD, SATA and SAS to optimize storage utilization
  • Automatically migrate data between different tiers of storage including the Cloud
  • Seamless integration with Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to migrate data to and from tape


Collaborate between geographically distributed teams and business partners by seamlessly migrating data to and from GRIDscaler to WOS.
Flexible Access

  • GRIDScaler NAS Gateway: A flexible and fault tolerant CIFS/NFS gateway providing access to parallel file system data
  • Federation of GRIDScaler namespaces, using WOS as the wide area distribution mechanism
  • Multi-site ingest, distribution and collaboration capacity for up to 8 GRIDScaler systems
  • Seamlessly migrate data and collaborate between geographically distributed teams and business partners
  • Back up files safely to the WOS cloud for disaster recovery


Beyond high performance, GRIDScaler also delivers comprehensive data protection required by modern enterprise standards.
Flexible Access

  • Policy-driven snapshots protect against accidental deletion, corruption or viruses
  • Data security options including native encryption and secure erase
  • Synchronously replicated data and metadata adds reliability and
    improves performance
  • Flexible RAID confi gurations provide parity protection against disk failures
  • Integrated backup (with Tivoli Storage Manager) uses an optimized journal to
    efficiently backup changed data
  • DirectProtect increases data resiliency and reliability by automatically
    detecting and correcting silent data corruption


Easily migrate data between file systems and storage technologies, from primary storage to secondary storage and archive.

The management of Enterprise data is becoming more complex due to the amount and the variety of data sources. Consequently, the cost to store, manage and use that data are increasing. In an effort to optimize performance, retention, access and avoid high costs, businesses frequently attempt to solve these problems individually, resulting in a silo’ed approach that only adds to the data management problem. Today’s businesses need a unified, end-to-end data solution that can deliver scalable storage, is easy to manage and allows for complete control over price performance.

A leader in the data storage industry, DDN can manage, protect, retain and safely store your data throughout the entire data lifecycle. DDN delivers end-to-end data lifecycle management solutions, enabling you choose the right combination of tiering, replication, archiving and retention—all integrated into DDN’s infinitely scalable and heterogeneous data storage appliances.

DDN DataMigrator
Scalable to support DDN-DataMigrator-Box-webhundreds of billions of items to a variety of secondary and archive targets, DDN DataMigrator delivers a robust set of storage and archive management tools to support all major file systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac) and is equipped to support a variety of storage platforms, including NetApp, HNAS and GPFS.

DataMigrator enables users to migrate data off their legacy storage systems onto DDN platforms as well as to tape to offload primary storage and lower storage costs. It can be directly integrated with DDN GRIDScaler—migrating data to WOS, cloud or tape or any combination to fit user requirements, delivering end-to-end data management.

With DDN’s ability to deliver a unified namespace across file and object storage, users enjoy a single view of their data regardless of where it resides; from high performance storage, to cloud, object and tape. Users are able to set policies to fit to their unique and broad datasets. The flexibility of these policies can be directed to a variety of uses, such as the following: moving data to optimized or lower cost tiers; creating Active Archives with the stub and migrate policy to minimize user impact; migrate or copy for long-term data storage and protection.

Server Requirements

  • Physical / Virtual Server (Windows/ Linux – 64 bit)
  • Intel Xeon E3 Quad Core 2.3GHz (or better)
  • 16GB or 32GB RAM (48GB or 64GB for PB and Multi PB)
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • 1Gbit or 10Gbit (preferred) Fast Ethernet
  • Cache Interface Card – FC, SAS
DDN DataMigrator Datasheet
  • DDN has long been a partner of choice for organizations that need to scale far beyond conventional file system limits. DDN continues to reaffirm its position at the vanguard of the scalable systems marketplace, and therefore as one of the storage leaders of the contemporary Big Data era.

    Mark Peters, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group


Our SFA Architecture is designed to scale over 1TB/s and support 10/s of petabytes of storage capacity in a
compact and energy efficient data center footprint