In addition to building market-leading AI storage solutions, DDN partners with leading IT infrastructure experts to simplify and deliver advanced High-Performance Computing and AI infrastructure solutions to organizations all around the globe. By collaborating with these partners to engineer end-to-end solutions, we can accelerate digital transformation for our customers with HPC or AI infrastructure that reduces risk and significantly shortens time to adoption.

End to End HPC and AI Infrastructure from DDN and Our Global Solution Partners

By working with DDN and our solution partners, customers gain access to a combination of expertise and technologies that help them accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies and master their most complex business challenges.

We recently sat down with Aspen Systems, an HPC solutions provider based in Wheat Ridge, CO, to discuss why our partnership is essential to delivering powerfully differentiated supercomputing environments. Watch the video here:

DDN does extensive work with our partners to supply our customers with turnkey solutions, fully tested and optimized for their exact workloads and objectives. A recent example of this was the selection of DDN and Aspen Systems by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for its Coastal Observations, Mechanisms, and Predictions Across Systems and Scales (COMPASS) project. COMPASS will help dramatically enhance predictive understanding of coastal systems, including their response to short- and long-term changes. Featuring a 92-node compute cluster from Aspen Systems and 4PB of parallel file systems storage from DDN, this new supercomputing environment is available to both COMPASS project participants and other researchers who are studying coastal and terrestrial-aquatic systems.

A healthy partner ecosystem allows DDN to better realize the potential of our storage for AI and HPC workflows. Because of our work to optimize data paths from storage, through the network all the way to the CPU, GPU or other processor, we can deliver insights well beyond the storage system. Whether addressing the needs of a federal government agency or an enterprise AI application, DDN and its partners are there to deliver the full value of your application.

Overcoming AI Bottlenecks with Advanced AI Storage Solutions

Many organizations are wrestling with AI bottlenecks – a gap between current IT infrastructure capabilities and the requirements of new applications that necessitate significantly more computing power and access to larger data repositories. A critical element of successful AI, machine learning and HPC is the speed, scalability and workload efficiency of the underlying compute and storage infrastructure. The design, procurement and implementation of architectures designed to support these workloads is new to Enterprise IT teams and is where having an expert team in AI storage solutions is invaluable.

  1. Eliminate silos
  2. Centralize and standardize data
  3. Modernize architecture

By understanding the individual needs and objectives of an organization, we are able to provide an optimized infrastructure that is purpose-built and pre-tested to meet those needs. Often, our partners have vertical expertise that pairs well with DDN’s vertical SME’s, which provides customers with additional insight into matching technical requirements to optimized solutions. We provide AI storage for Energy, Financial Services, Genomics, Healthcare, Higher Education, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Robotics, Transportation and more.

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