Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an essential business and research tool, giving organizations valuable insights into their data with unprecedented velocity and accuracy. AI is driving innovation in a variety of fields while delivering significant acceleration in time to insight.

Enterprises, universities and government organizations are investing resources to further develop and benefit from AI and Deep Learning (DL). With AI technology, autonomous vehicles can circulate unassisted in our cities, real-time fraud detection protects our shopping and internet transactions, natural language translators remove language barriers, augmented reality delivers a far richer entertainment experience, drug discovery gets accelerated, and personalized medicine and remote health diagnostics are fully enabled.

However, AI and DL are creating the toughest workloads in modern computing history. They pose exceptional challenges to and put significant strain on compute, storage and network resources. A true AI-enabled datacenter must concurrently and efficiently service the entire spectrum of activities involved in the AI and DL process, including data ingest, data manipulation, training and inference.

In order to support AI and machine learning capabilities, storage systems have to deliver performance at scale. This means they must be able to work well at projected scale with technologies like parallel file systems and flash.

The right data storage system must deliver high throughput, high IOPS and high concurrency in order to prevent idling of GPU cycles. It must be flexible and scalable in implementation and enable efficient handling of a wide breadth of data sizes and types. When properly implemented, this type of data storage system can deliver the full potential of GPU computing platforms and accelerate time to insight at any scale.

DDN’s A3I (Accelerated, Any-Scale AI) breaks new ground for AI and DL. Engineered from the ground up for the AI-enabled datacenter, DDN’s A3I solutions are optimized for ingest, training, data transformations, replication, metadata and small data transfers. Flash can scale-up or scale-out independently from hard drive layers, all within a single integrated solution and namespace.

DDN has successfully deployed data-at-scale systems across all areas of AI and DL, from autonomous vehicles to data security and fraud detection, augmented reality and healthcare, personalized marketing and natural language processing. By accelerating and streamlining end-to-end AI and DL workflows, the possibilities for unprecedented business innovation are endless.

Here’s a quick video that explains how DDN and NVIDIA are driving innovation for AI/DL programs:

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