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DDN Cloud solutions are a powerful enabler.

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DDN solutions have been proven to unlock more Cloud performance for Analytics, AI and high-performance Cloud computing while simplifying your Cloud experience with a consistent management model.

DDN Cloud Use Cases

Cloud Bursting

AI Workloads

SAS GRID Analytics

The Challenge

Cloud deployments of data-intensive applications are saddled with performance bottlenecks, management challenges and skyrocketing expenses. DDN’s proven at-scale HPC infrastructure, Data Management and file systems technologies are the industry’s most powerful solutions for public MultiCloud, Private Cloud and on premises deployments.  Eliminate data management silos and maximize your Cloud resources with the experts from DDN.

Mix public Cloud and on premises resources as required simplified by common management. Orchestrate data movement and ensure maximum performance with the stability and reliability of a familiar tool set.

Running AI and Analytics workloads in the public Cloud is now a reality. DDN parallel performance gets your data to the Cloud faster and then accelerates once there to unlock more value.

DDN EXAScaler has a twofold effect of making analysis quicker and lowering costs by fully utilizing Cloud computing processing capacity. Don’t pay for resources that you aren’t using.

Introducing choice and predictability for flexible at-scale infrastructure

Optimize your operating environment to thrive in dynamic times.  Tune infrastructure consumption to meet your needs.  Watch how easy it is to deploy EXAScaler Cloud.  Five minutes is all it takes to have your own high performance file system improving the utilization and performance of your Cloud compute platform.

Our Cloud Partners

Partner story

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

GCP offers flexible infrastructure to support scalable workloads. Watch the video to learn how DDN EXAScaler runs natively in GCP to maximize compute resources and control costs for a partnership that makes running AI and Analytics in the Cloud a reality.

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