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HPE is one of the world’s largest supplier of High Performance Computing systems, with a long history in HPC system design, operation, and application development, and is now in the Vanguard to realize the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. HPC and AI are driving progress across a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace, biotechnology, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, and demand storage that can accommodate massive data sets and high performance compute environments.

HPE has partnered with DDN since 2010 to provide the storage sub-systems for HPC solutions. DDN storage systems provide the capacity and performance required to feed massive datasets into large compute clusters, either by supporting parallel file systems or through innovative flash storage technology with IME.

An example of success between HPE and DDN includes the TSUBAME 3.0 supercomputing system at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, with the world’s most power-efficient supercomputer, as well as Japan’s most powerful AI supercomputer. Resources below provide additional information on the strong solutions that DDN and HPE can provide. Contact us today if you would like to step up to the next level of performance and results.

In this video from DDN booth at SC18, Kirill Malkin from HPE presents: Lustre Data Tiering with DMF & Exascaler.

DDN Storage and HPE are changing how HPC is getting done

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