DDN and Intel® have partnered for years in several areas to deliver accelerated storage performance. From processors in DDN controllers, to Omni-Path connected arrays, to Intel support for DDN’s EXAScaler® Lustre* distribution, there are many areas of close collaboration between the two companies.


Intel processors power DDN’s line of block, file and object storage solutions. DDN works with Intel to integrate, test and deliver the latest processors in a timely fashion and is usually the first storage supplier in the market with new generations of CPUs.  DDNs SFAOS is designed to take maximum advantage of processor performance improvements and specialty features.  SFA-based products take unique advantage of Intel multi-core capabilities to deliver converged, data-local processing with our In-Storage Processing® feature.

Storage Interconnects

DDN was the first storage supplier to integrate Omni-Path (OPA) into our product line. Available across DDN’s parallel file system appliance product line, OPA delivers low-latency, high performance bandwidth and a unified network across storage and compute.


  • Embedded/Converged
  • Installation/Configuration Tools
  • SFX read Caching hinting (ext4)
  • Drive Performance Enhancements
  • DirectMon, Monitoring

DDN Exclusive Lustre Features

  • Lustre Multi-Level Security
  • Directory Level Quotas – Flexibility in project level quotas
  • Data on Metadata – Improved Small File Performance
  • Improved client performance: Small & large I/O
  • Parallel I/O Improvements
  • 16MB I/O Improvements: Client
  • Lustre monitoring w/ jobstat()


DDN offers all flash, hybrid and flash-native solutions based on Intel flash media. For more information see Flash-Native storage caching with Infinite Memory Engine,  the FlashScale all-flash array, and the hybrid SFA14KX hyper-converged platform.

Video - DDN and Intel Flash Co-Development Projects
Alexey Sergeev, Application Engineer at Intel presents: DDN and Intel Flash Co-Development Projects
Intel - Barry Davis: Intel® Omni-Path Architecture: The Next Generation of HPC Fabric - Video
Barry Davis, GM of High Performance Fabric Organization for the Intel Enterprise and HPC Platforms Group provides an overview of the Intel® Omni-Path Architecture accelerates data movement and is delivering innovation to knock down the “I/O Wall”.


Intel - Application-optimized Lustre Solutions for Big-Data Workflows - Video
In this video from LUG 2015 in Denver, Robert Triendl from DDN presents: Application-optimized Lustre Solutions for Big-Data Workflows.
1.5TB/s File System Built On DDN’s IME Burst Buffer Powers Japan’s Fastest Supercomputer
Professor Osamu Tatebe, Ph.D presents the Oakforest-PACS 25 Pflops System at SC16.
Applying New Lustre Security Enhancements into Containerized Environment
Sebastien Buisson, Software Engineer, Advanced Solution Laboratory, DDN and Gabriele Paciucci, Solutions Architect Data & Product Solution, Intel Present "Applying New Lustre Security Enhancements into Containerized Environment"
Intel - High Throughput, Low Latency Life Sciences – Scaling Technology to Accelerate Time to Results - Video
Kristina Kermanshahche, Global Director Life Sciences, Intel Corporation
Craig Hendren - Intel Solutions for Lustre Software - Video
Craig Hendren - Global OEM Alliances Manager discusses Intel Solutions for Lustre Software

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