DDN Publishes Validated AI Reference Architectures and Expands AI and Analytics Industry Collaborations to Help Organizations Build Up AI and Analytics Capabilities

Hamburg, Germany (ISC, Booth #C313) – May 31st, 2022 – DDN®, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multicloud data management solutions, today announced the DDN AI Data Hub, which improves AI success through integration with companies such as Run:ai and published reference architectures with companies such as Graphcore and Habana, an Intel Company. The DDN AI Data Hub is part of DDN’s continued initiative to simplify AI-driven digital transformation projects for enterprises.

Powerful and Easy to Use AI on a Single DDN Platform

With an integrated DDN A3 and Run:ai single pane of glass solution, customers can now optimize storage and data management to dynamically allocate infrastructure resources while accurately tracking IT resources.

“Our partnership with DDN is about supporting IT to simplify management of the full AI infrastructure stack, including storage, accelerators and orchestration,” said Omri Geller, CEO and co-founder of Run:ai. “We’re proud to work closely with DDN to help their customers get better utilization of GPU resources and speed up the time it takes to get AI initiatives to market.”

AI Compute, Storage Alliances and Reference Architectures

Optimized for accelerated AI workloads, DDN A3I solutions combined with Graphcore’s Bow processors and Intel Habana Labs’ Gaudi AI processors accelerate corporations’ digital transformation with high-performance, enhanced IT productivity and flexibility at any scale.

“DDN empowers organizations leveraging AI to dramatically enhance business value and insight, by merging computing, analytics and networks into a unified AI-enabled IT infrastructure,” said Dr. James Coomer, SVP for Products at DDN. “With DDN A3I enablement, platforms like Run:ai and compute systems based on Graphcore and Habana Labs become true enablers of value-add digital transformation.”

DDN has developed powerful and easy to implement reference architectures (RAs) for both Graphcore IPU Pod systems and the Supermicro x12 Gaudi AI Servers using Intel Habana Labs’ Gaudi Deep Learning Processors, which make configuration and deployment easier. The RAs also seamlessly integrate into enterprise IT infrastructures, quickly boosting capabilities for business insight and consistent and highly scalable data management. DDN recently won Intel’s Channel Partner of the Year award for this collaboration.

These documents allow customers to understand how to integrate and grow their AI infrastructure with simple blueprints. DDN is also working with several other AI accelerators on similar documents. With a data-centric approach to AI, companies can leverage DDN and its scalable AI platform as its AI Data Hub to connect all computing systems to one scalable storage repository. This approach reduces the movement and management of data to maximize AI, deep learning and analytics application performance.

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