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Power Efficient Storage System Designed for AI and High-Performance Software Stacks and AI Libraries Seamlessly Accelerates End to End GPU, Compute and Network with Many Options

SAN JOSE, Calif. (GTC, DDN Booth #816) – March 18, 2024DDN®, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multi-cloud data management solutions, today announced the latest addition to its powerful A³I® solutions, the DDN AI400X2 Turbo. 30% more powerful than the AI400X2, the previous industry performance leader, the AI400X2 Turbo boasts faster performance and expanded connectivity options.

As AI workloads multiply across markets, GPU manufacturers continue to innovate and develop faster accelerators to handle these massive workloads. It is critically important that all data center infrastructure elements can fully facilitate their processing power. DDN’s AI400X2 Turbo delivers much better ROI for multi-node GPU clusters as well as Generative AI, Inference, AI frameworks and software libraries, with staggering 120 GB/s write speeds and 75 GB/s read speeds per 2U appliance.

“With data centers and cloud providers making massive investments in AI infrastructures, data storage is a key enabler in accelerating ROI, increasing the efficiency of AI frameworks and software libraries, and delivering highest performance to GPUs,” said Dr. James Coomer, senior vice president of products, DDN. “DDN’s AI400X2 Turbo was designed to deliver highest efficiency, performance and ideal power and simplicity for Gen AI, inference and multi-node GPU clusters, reinforcing DDN’s position as the top choice for large-scale generative AI and large language models.”

The AI400X2 Turbo joins the lineup of A³I appliances that are deployed today and power NVIDIA DGX™ systems globally across a wide range of production environments in financial services, life sciences, healthcare and autonomous vehicle industries. Building solutions that optimize application and AI framework performance, DDN leads and accelerates the way to safe and power-efficient AI adoption with cutting-edge storage innovation.


A Diamond sponsor of the event, DDN will be exhibiting at NVIDIA GTC from March 18 to 21 in San Jose, California, in booth 1521 and 816. DDN will also participate in the following sessions.

Date & Time


Tues., March 19

8:00 AM (PT)

8:25 AM (PT)

How to Safely and Successfully Boost Your Data Center Productivity and ROI:

Dr. James Coomer, senior vice president, Products, DDN, will demonstrate concrete technical industry examples on how to achieve full-stack and data center-scale acceleration with data storage solutions.

Tues., March 19

8:30 AM (PT)

11:30 AM (PT)

AI Data Summit: Faster and Safer GPU ROI Acceleration in Data Centers and the Cloud: DDN and NVIDIA:

Dr. James Coomer, senior vice president, Products, DDN, will join NVIDIA and Lambda to explore how to deploy and scale GPU infrastructures faster and how those deployments can be made more efficient and cost-effective.

Wed., March 20

2:00 PM (PT)

2:50 PM (PT)

Getting the Storage Right for AI Applications:

Dr. James Coomer, senior vice president, Products, DDN, will participate in a panel with experts from across the NVIDIA Partner Network storage partner ecosystem to provide insight on how to avoid potential issues to get the most out of storage for different AI applications.

Wed., March 20

4:00 PM (PT)

4:25 PM (PT)

Accelerate Generative AI ROI and End-to-End ML Life Cycles for LLM by Optimizing Data Architectures:

Dr. James Coomer, senior vice president, Products, DDN, will explore how data architectures can accelerate generative AI ROI and end-to-end ML life cycles for LLM.

Fri., March 22

6:00 AM (PT)

6:50 AM (PT)

Getting the Storage Right for AI Applications:

A Q&A From the EMEA Region: Sven Oehme, CTO, DDN, will participate in a panel to explore several topic areas, such as hybrid, multi-cloud, data migration, security, the impact of storage on underlying functions like check-pointing and replication, and scaling storage capacity.

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Advanced Storage Optimization Strategies for Dynamic Production AI Workloads:

James Coomer, senior vice president, Products, DDN, will explore the unique challenges to storage posed by dynamic AI workloads, including the need for high-speed data access, scalability, and adaptability in ever-changing computational environments and how to addresses these challenges head-on with architectures designed specifically for virtualized and cloud AI environments.

On Demand

Optimizing AI Data Centers: Advanced Accelerated Data Storage Strategies for Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency:

Dr. James Coomer, senior vice president, Products, DDN, will provide a technical presentation that focuses on optimizing NVIDIA GPU data centers through AI-accelerated data storage solutions.

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DDN is a leading global provider of data storage and data management solutions at scale. We accelerate AI and High Performance Computing workflows and applications in data centers, private and public clouds, and at the edge. Thanks to our technology, over 11,000 customers realize significant efficiencies in their GPU and CPU compute farms, substantially reducing their data center power consumption and footprint. Utilizing highly optimized flash technology and AI-enabled software, our products power some of the largest and most demanding customers in the world in fields such as autonomous driving, AI chatbots, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, energy, government, public sector, and research institutions, as well as generative AI and data analytics applications. Explore our offerings further at


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