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New Range of Capabilities for AI Storage Solutions Deliver Deeper Insight, Maximum Performance and Advanced Management Tools to Make Accelerating AI Workloads Easy for All Enterprises

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – April 6, 2021 – DDN®, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multicloud data management solutions, today announced it will be launching a new innovative set of features for its A3I® (Accelerated, Any-Scale AI) solutions, further advancing its AI and deep learning Intelligent Infrastructure, offering the highest performance and unparalleled insight into data management operations for AI, HPC and data centric applications.

Introducing new, feature-rich enhancements for its A3I AI storage solutions, DDN augments its scalable, shared high-performance storage with new workload monitoring tools for complete data management. Part of an entirely new, modern and intuitive UI, DDN advances its unprecedented real-time visibility capabilities and integrates end-to-end monitoring ability for NVIDIA DGX™ systems, providing deeper insight into real-time and historical metrics for both storage and the DGX POD reference architecture. With full stack visibility of workloads for storage, network and compute, customers can identify and resolve system and performance workloads issues faster while ensuring the needs of additional workloads are met as companies scale their AI infrastructure.

A3I UI upgrades grant administrators ease-of-use, as well as the ability to supply refined AI as a Service (AIaaS) to complex, data-driven organizations. Administrators can now closely monitor storage quotas, workload statistics and systems to provide the best end user experience, while the new “call home” feature grants direct access to proactive support from DDN.

Strengthening its advanced data solutions, the gold standard for AI and analytics workloads, DDN introduces Hot Nodes capabilities and enhances Hot Pools features to increase efficiencies and drive unmatched data automation.

  • Hot Nodes: Because indexing is a CPU and I/O intensive function, high-performance storage and excellent I/O performance are required for hot nodes. The new, completely automated Hot Nodes feature leverages local flash storage to maximize the benefits of a global unified namespace and remove the risk of manual data movement while ensuring lowest latency and highest performance.
  • Hot Pools: With new APIs for enhanced and more sophisticated auto-tiering for data placement at scale via Stratagem®, DDN refines the automation of file management between flash and “warm” HDD tiers, which is regularly evaluated using information on how hot files are based on recent access. In turn, this contributes to lower latency and response times, ultimately to improving performance.

“DDN is a pioneer in developing infrastructure solutions that provide data-intensive organizations with intelligent insight, faster and more efficiently through the power of AI and deep learning,” said Dr. James Coomer, vice president of products, DDN. “With huge performance boosts and innovation in operational efficiency, this new, differentiating feature set eliminates complexities and strengthens our AI supercomputing infrastructure, making it easier to manage for data-intensive scalers and data centric enterprises, alike.”

NVIDIA GTC21 Information

DDN is a Diamond sponsor at GTC21 (registration is free) and will be taking part in the following events.

Live Sessions:

Date Time Session Details

April 12

11 a.m. PT Maximizing AI Success with DDN Accelerated Data, Dr. James Coomer, vice president of products, DDN

Data-centric architectures are a vital part of successful AI strategy. Large data volumes must be securely accessible at high speed so that data scientists can experiment and prove out new approaches quickly and move new models rapidly to production.


April 14

1 p.m. PT Accelerating AI at-scale with NVIDIA Selene DGX SuperPOD and Parallel Filesystem Storage, William Beaudin, senior director of engineering, DDN, with Prethvi Kashinkunti, Deep Learning System Software Engineer, NVIDIA

Learn about the behavior of data-intensive workloads on the Selene DGX SuperPOD deployment and DDN’s A3I storage, the only solution validated for SuperPOD.

On-demand Sessions:

Session Title & Link Session Details
Securing AI and ML Projects, A NextGeneration Approach Sven Oehme, chief research officer, DDN discusses the urgency with which organizations are looking to roll out transformational AI projects brings with it a new level of security concerns.
Accelerating AI Use Cases Across Industries with DDN A3I and NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD Kurt Kuckein, vice president of marketing, DDN, and Erik Deumens, director of research computing, University of Florida explores how DDN’s high performance and scalable parallel filesystem solution uniquely unlocks the full capabilities of the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD when putting AI into action.
Optimizing AI Data Management: Strategies for Unlocking AI at Scale Data at-scale is the key to successful AI. Organizations can’t progress on their journey to AI and innovation without solving the fundamentals of data management. In this session we discuss effective strategies for achieving optimal AI application performance and end-to-end AI workflow enablement through intelligent data management.

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