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Essential Monitoring Solution to Optimize Big Data Storage Resources

Organizations are facing an exponential increase in complexity and cost managing storage resources within the entire Big Data infrastructure. Today’s storage networks are made up of local block-based arrays, file systems, business analytics repositories, and distributed object stores, each with their own unique management requirements. In order to cope with this explosion in complexity, data managers need the features and efficiency derived from a single application that monitors all types of storage resources.

DDN Insight is DDN’s configuration and monitoring solution that leverages our leadership in supporting the world’s largest file storage systems. Purpose-built to improve the performance of IT operations, top-down support is provided for monitoring multiple DDN SFA® Storage Arrays and DDN parallel file system appliances solutions. Taking the complexity out of managing Big Data storage resources, DDN Insight’s easy-to-use features and notifications allow administrators to resolve problems quickly, freeing up valuable time to concentrate on more important tasks.

DDN Insight is ideally suited for any size IT environment to help you simplify the management of your storage infrastructure, even as data continues to grow exponentially.

  • Monitor multiple heterogeneous SFA storage arrays, DDN parallel file system appliances from a single application interface
  • Discover and optimize complete systems to save time and money
  • Create roles and users with appropriate levels of authorizations to fit your organizations hierarchy
  • Supported by DDN’s team of Global Services professionals
  • Customize graphs of current and historical metric trends to understand system performance and optimize operations
  • Unique Dashboards for DDN parallel file system appliances specific monitoring
  • Available as an appliance or a software application that can be installed on customer’s hardware
  • High availability for mission-critical environments
  • Monitor the status and metrics of your DDN solutions anywhere, any time with a comprehensive web interface
  • Set thresholds and receive notification of performance and hardware/ software problems to prevent downtime



DDN Insight Specifications

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