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Changing How Life Science Data is Stored, Shared and Analyzed

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Modernizing Data Management to Discover the Future of Health

Accelerating AI-driven discoveries with DDN EXAScaler to deliver concrete benefits to society and human health.

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Life Sciences Field Day 2023

Hosted by DDN and Helmholtz Munich in May 2023, this full-day technical event covers a wide range of topics, including analytics in life sciences, AI for clinical applications, and state of the art AI/HPC architectures for data management and storage.

Helmholtz Munich


The current wave of machine generated Life Sciences data is providing insight to biological and chemical systems which will expand understanding, end suffering and drive funding for Genomics, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Research.

However, data-Ingest, distribution and analysis of the petabytes of machine generated data are adding a new layer of complexity, cost and derived inefficiencies.

This rapid expanse in data has weakened the data centers ability to meet the needs of today’s researchers.

Our platforms reduce the time to discovery

Our subject matter experts help researchers and scientists accelerate their discovery process, while mitigating day-to-day risk associated with the Ingest, distribution and analysis of Big Data.

DDN backs its platforms up with advanced configuration and monitoring solutions and Enterprise class 24/7 service and support making DDN the supplier of choice in Life Science.



DDN Life Sciences Solution Brief

Real-time data processing and feedback during in-situ heating.

DDN Life Sciences Microscopy Solution Brief

DDN Microscopy Brief

High performance compute and storage solutions for high-end microscopy.

What Are Important Considerations When Selecting Performance Storage


What Are Important Considerations When Selecting Performance Storage?

Wei Guo from St. Jude's hospital explains his considerations when selecting performance storage.

DDN is changing how life science data is stored, shared, and analyzed

DDN is recognized worldwide by Genomics research facilities – such as Life Technologies®, Sanger®, TGen® and Cornel®, as the go-to visionary-partner and trusted-advisor for best in class storage solutions.

To put that statement in context, DDN is the number one supplier of high performance data-storage systems to the genomics research community.

Today, DDN has three highly specialized teams


Clinical Research

Pharmaceutical Research

We understand

The technology, the workflows, business issues and concerns being faced today and in the future.

Find out how DDN can accelerate your discovery process while simplifying all aspects of your R&D pipeline.

University of Alabama Birmingham and DDN

Accelerating Parkinson's Research

Thomas Anthony, Director at the Big Data Research and Analytics Lab at the University of of Alabama Birmingham presents how they are accelerating medical research using high performance computing and storage solutions.



Accelerating Workflows and Simplifying Your Environment

The continued global quest to reverse engineer “the code of life” is producing massive genomic and proteomic datasets that are globally distributed and expanding exponentially.

This explosion in data is driven by efforts like the Thousand Genome Project, Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub), TCGA, EMBL, NCBI and others.

The complete data lifecycle platform

DDN has developed efficient storage solutions for Big Data Genomics applications

Accelerating and consolidating data-intensive genomics environments for alignment, search and collaboration.

DDN uses the power of a parallel file system to reduce time to discovery in genomics with best class high performance storage appliances that simplify collaboration while accelerating data analytics.

The complete data lifecycle platform
The complete data lifecycle platform

DDN Life Sciences

Our Genomics Research customers have documented massive increases to their big data genomics pipelines:

Up to 2x faster and much simpler and more cost-effective to scale as data sets move from TB to PB in size.

DDN powers 7 of the Top 10 fastest supercomputers, more than 60 percent of the Top 100 and delivers more bandwidth to the TOP500® than all other vendors combined.

Our SFA appliances are the most widely deployed, high performance storage systems for genomics.

They provide a complete solution for alignment, search and collaboration in a unified appliance that can scale effortlessly to petabytes.

DDN Life Sciences Sanger Institute



Genome Research Institute Reduces Storage Complexity and Accelerates Research Efforts

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute uses innovative, high-performance DDN® Storage to deliver unprecedented levels of throughput and scalability to support tens of thousands of data sequences requiring up to 10,000 CPU hours of computational analysis.





One of the measurements of success in Pharmaceutical Research is in the number of new chemical entities (NCE), or new molecular entities (NME) discovered.

In silico programs like AutoDock™ and OpenEye™, ROCS are important in narrowing the field of NCE/NME candidates for high-throughput in vitro screening. These in silico programs are extremely disk intensive, accessing billions of small files per run.

Further, their results need to be shared with other departments, divisions or facilities on a global scale. This requires a storage-solution that can deliver high performance while facilitating collaboration.

DDN provides a comprehensive storage solution

Optimized for Pharmaceutical work-flows

Based upon our integrated appliances, our solutions deliver best in class performance for a wide range of disk-intensive applications, such as analytics work-flows.

Case in point, SAS Grid “running SAS Grid on DDN… offered the most consistent and predictable performance of any shared file system tested to date”.


DDN’s EXAScaler is extremely versatile

With extended data services in addition to the parallel client protocol, customers can access the same data using standard file protocols (NFS/SMB), object storage (S3) or HDFS to share or manipulate data as needed.

With secure multitenancy, auditing, and end to end encryption, organizations can rest assured their data is kept secure and safe.

Driving discovery, improving productivity and exceeding performance expectations

DDN’s advanced system monitoring tool, Insight, delivers actionable information to maintain the health and optimize the performance of your storage investment, at a scale other vendors can reach.

We have a world-class staff of subject matter experts to ensure you continually maximize your data center investments and minimize TCO.

DDN is the go-to partner for analytics, access and collaboration. Let us show you how to consolidate and accelerate your discovery process today.

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