Support Details

EXAScaler Cloud includes self-help support with access to publicly available documents and videos. Premium support includes 24x7x365 access to DDN’s experts, along with support community access, automated notifications of updates and other premium support features.

EXAScaler Cloud premium support gives you access to the same robust support we deliver with our on-premises products. Support ensures a stable, flexible, and robust storage environment that maximizes the benefits of your cloud-based infrastructure.

EXAScaler Cloud Quick Start

Our quick start guide for Google Cloud is available here.

Purchasing Support

Please email to discuss EXAScaler Cloud support with DDN.



North America: +1.888.634.2374

International: +1.818.718.8507


Australia: +61.243280249

China: +86.10.8418.1802

India: +000.800.100.7168

Japan: +81-3-3261-9101

Korea: +00798148009165

New Zealand: +6442807413


EMEA: +800.3282.3473

France: +33.80.5100204 or +33.184010332

Germany: +49.61965868582

United Kingdom: +44.20.35446672

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