The Data HPC and AI Summit: On Demand The Data HPC and AI Summit: On Demand

On Demand: The Data HPC and AI Summit | Hamburg, DE 2024

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DDN Executive Welcome

Paul Bloch | President | DDN

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BlueField Offloaded Optimized Collective Operations

Dr. Richard Graham | Senior Director, HPC Technology | DDN

Dr. Richard Graham, Senior Director, HPC Technologies, discusses how NVIDIA’s Bluefield-3 DPUs aid data center transformation in the AI era with optimized east-west traffic on the network. Higher performance and greater security are just some of the many benefits of this next generation DPU.

NVIDIA DDN Data Summit 2023


Marc Hamilton | VP of Solutions Architecture | NVIDIA

While AI models keep growing and the hunger for ever faster results is stressing current data center technology, NVIDIA has the future covered with a compelling road map to deliver greater efficiency and speed every year to make AI computing sustainable. Learn from Marc Hamilton, VP of Solutions and Architecture at NVIDIA what that future looks like, and why NVIDIA consistently recommends DDN for their largest and most challenging implementations.

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The Key to Success in World Class AI and Gen AI Implementations

James Coomer | Senior Vice President Products | DDN

Achieving world class results for large language models and generative AI requires a strategic approach to AI infrastructure. By coupling DDN’s scalable high performance storage with the rest of a GPU-based infrastructure, customers can extract the most value from their investment and realize faster business results. Find out where the savings are for both time and money in Dr. James Coomer’s presentation at the DDN User Group in Hamburg.

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DDN Infinia, A Data Platform for the Efficient Convergence of HPC and AI At Scale

Sven Oehme | Chief Technology Officer | DDN

Sven Oehme, Chief Technical Officer at DDN, talks about a revolutionary approach to managing AI data. DDN’s Infinia platform allows organizations and clouds to get on top of the unstructured and semi-structured data sprawl inherent to the AI data pipeline. Discover how to simplify multi-cloud and multi-site AI data management with an efficient and effective approach.

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Deploying Europe’s Largest AI Cluster; A Testimonial Journey at SCALEWAY

Martin Jezequel | Product Manager AI & Data Center Solutions | PNY

AI Clouds and Sovereign AI demand efficient and scalable infrastructure. Learn why Scaleway choose NVIDIA SuperPOD with DDN storage for their GPU cloud and how PNY stood up the entire system in record time from Martin Jezequel, Product Manager for AI and Data Center Technologies at PNY.



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